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I was reading a Kurt Vonnegut book and he was talking about how you can go outside and look at Colorado — how the sky is big and blue — and you’re like, ‘well, that’s reason enough to get up in the morning — to look at the sky or to look at those mountains.’ It doesn’t take me much to be interested in feeling like this [life] is worthwhile. VJ: I wrote it with a guy called Dave Bassett, but we both contributed important parts to the song.

It started because there’s this surprising and horrifying statistic that one in five children die from abuse. I started with the guitar riff, he sang a melody for the verse and I had some other ideas lying around, some lyrics in my phone, and he contributed some really great lines as well.

The Boss: Come on, Pierce; don't go talking like that. Right before 10 p.m., headliner Vance Joy (real name James Keogh) stormed the stage in a fit of eager joy.He grinned as he played several new songs from his unreleased album, as well as the songs that got him famous like “Riptide” and “Georgia.” Vance Joy sat down with I think it’s nice when if you hang out with someone who works in the music industry — it might be quicker for them to see you as not just an artist or some type of romantic ideal or idealistic thing.So basically you polish your fingernail for October and people can donate to your little page on the website and you raise money and then they give the money to a bunch of different charities that help children who have suffered from some form of abuse. So it was kind of just a really wonderful day — a few hours of collaborating and really connecting.The song is about being in a relationship, letting your defenses down and just being vulnerable — and being a bit unsure about what the other person is thinking and saying.

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