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A researcher provides a brief description of the task that needs to be accomplished, and the tester clicks on the image where they think that task would be.The clicks are recorded by Chalkmark, and a realtime display of a heatmap showing the location of the clicks is provided to the usability researcher. Reports can then be downloaded by the usability researcher as a PDF file. A major advantage is the ability for usability researchers to provide Chalkmark invitations to actual users via email or on a website.

And just as significant, results can now be gathered and analyzed in a matter of an hour, vs. Of course, just because the tool is free, or practically free, doesn’t mean just anyone can and should use the tool.This provides anyone with the ability to gather real data from actual users about where they click on a website.Pros – First, Click Heat is free, so the price is right.The method for sharing images is easy, the test image is uploaded to Chalkmark.Next, a survey URL is produced by Chalkmark which usability researchers can share with testers via an email, or on a web site.

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