Sweet dee is dating a retarded person

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It all comes to a perfect conclusion in the apartment of Dee’s neighbor who turns out to actually be a serial killer.22.

Mac and Charlie: White Trash Occasionally the show will get away from the group as a whole and explore the lives of Charlie and Mac vs Dee and Dennis’ lives. Dee ruins the guy’s plans to spend the night in a museum by saying that one of them is the father of her unborn child.

There’s also the discovery of a glory hole in the bar, although we have no idea who would be using it since there are never any patrons at Paddy’s.19.

The Gang Gets Invincible Not only do we get the first glimpse of Green Man, and Dee posing as a bizarre looking man named Cole Armstrong, we also get to hang out with the entire Mc Poyle family as Mac, Dennis, and Dee try out for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Waitress is Getting Married This episode contains Charlie’s most hilarious scene by far.

After finding out The Waitress is getting married, Dennis and Mac set Charlie up on

This episode personifies their social separations, while proving that no amount of wealth or upbringing can change you from what you really are: white trash. The guys scramble around town putting together a drunken night at their Halloween party to determine who impregnated Dee.

Of course, it all goes wrong and the boat eventually burns into ash.14., along with Mac’s latent homosexuality and Dennis being a sexual predator. When everyone starts fighting with each other, of course, Charlie tapes a conversation of Dennis and Mac have about trying to frame Frank over a Spin Doctor’s cassette, which he leaves at City Hall in a package marked “4 THE MARE.” “OK Mr. ” Season Three: “The Gang Dances Their Asses Off” Charlie’s illiteracy nearly causes the gang to lose Paddy’s Pub, when he signs the bar up for a dance marathon and offers Paddy’s as the grand prize, thinking he was listing it under the “pride” section. But of course, Charlie didn’t start out the series illiterate, as the cast were for the most part semi-functioning human beings when the series started — only to devolve further and further into depraved caricatures of themselves. Underage Drinking: A National Concern Paddy’s accidentally becomes a hot spot for underage teens to drink since no one checks IDs.The gang starts getting way too involved in the lives of the bar’s patrons and become centerpieces in high school and prom drama.

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