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At his lowest moment in the 2016 campaign, after revealed Trump's 2005 comments bragging about unwanted sexual advances, Trump pointed the finger at Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs and brought Clinton accusers to one of his debates against Hillary Clinton.Clinton survived his scandals - and even an impeachment - in part because he maintained strong personal relationships with many congressional Democrats, never openly antagonising them the way Trump does with fellow Republicans.The gavel of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee would go to Representative Elijah E.Cummings, Democrat-Maryland, a shrewd operator who would have subpoena power to go after the president's personal taxes and peruse how much the Trump Organization is benefiting from foreign governments staying at his hotel properties.

The key difference is timing, and that's what makes Trump's bid, for now, so much more risky than what Clinton did as he prepared for his 1996 reelection campaign.

Trump's advisers contend that the strategy will inoculate him from blame if Republicans lose big-time next year.

But what they don't seem to take into account is that constantly blaming GOP leaders for their failures could depress conservative turnout next year and assure a Democratic takeover, at least in the House, which current election ratings place within closer reach of Democratic control than the Senate.

It's too early to know if Democrats would move toward impeachment if they won the House majority next year.

But they could wreak havoc on Trump's agenda and shed light on his personal finances.

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