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Making website thumbnail manually is a routine process, needs much time, and for big sites can lead to hiring someone dedicated mostly to making website thumbnails for their needs. Pros: Some website thumbnail/snapshot creator tools are currently available for free.Below we'll provide some suggestions on automating this process. You should place a block of provided html on your page and it will show thumbnail (hopefully). It is said that it's a PHP script utilizing a C coded DLL to generate website thumbnail.Take the first steps Read the documentation Register for training Say "Thank you! " The documentation has details on how to verify PHAR releases of PHPUnit using PGP signatures and SHA256 hashes as well as how to install PHPUnit using Composer. only good for testing; not a real site with real traffic).For that poster, I recommend to check out: noticed a lot of the "free" thumbnail providers went out of business due to expenses and a lot of pay-for-use providers went out of business for over-charging.You do not have to download or even access a Web page to get its thumbnail image. Web Thumbler runs as a simple HTTP web server application on any windows compatible machine.The Girafa Thumbnail Service for Search Engines and Web Directories delivers thumbnail sized images of Web pages for display next to the textual links of these Web pages. Clients request images of websites using a standard GET request, this means any web enabled scripting or programming language running on any platform can easily connect to the server and receive web sites as images. After searching around i ma going to spend some bucks and have my own thumnail service and plan on taking these greedy people down. When I have it up and running i will post here and when I say its free it will be.

If you use &full at end of it will display the full length thumbnail, you'll see, big extra among other thumb sites!

Nowadays a lot of webmasters are looking for a website snapshot tool in order to make data presentation more attractive to their visitors.

Examples of usage could be target website thumbnail in the search results, on the product details page, etc. Special utility can be written in scripting language (like PHP, Perl, etc.) to grab website image from their search results.

Actually we are serving many professional web catalogues, css galleries and others; if the demand would ever get too high, we'd add more servers to balance the traffic requests.

Surely you are dependent on a 3th party but its still alot better than creating screenshots by hand for lets say 10000 of entries.

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