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These Jewish books were included in many versions of the Septuagint in circulation as the New Testament was being formed, but they were excluded from the official canon of Judaism, established about 100 A. Today, the books of the Apocrypha are included in Catholic versions of the OT, but not in most Protestant versions.

The books of the New Testament (NT) were written during the period 50 A. Eventually, the 27 books which form the present New Testament, along with the OT books, became the Christian Bible as we know it today. D., Latin replaced Greek as the language of the Roman Empire.

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As a result, there are many small variations among the many ancient Bible manuscripts still in existence.

It was officially known as the Authorized Version (AV), but it was also known informally as the King James Bible or King James Version (KJV).

The New Testament canon was formally adopted by the Synod of Carthage in 397 A. In 405, a Latin translation of the Old and New Testaments was completed.

This version, known as the Vulgate, became the standard Bible of Christianity for many centuries.

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