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And for those upset about "quality control" when broken flakes are found in their tins (I fail to grasp the import) a 500g box is a thing of beauty to open.

The box is specifically designed to hold flakes, there must be a million flakes in a 500g box, and (in my box at least) every flake was perfect and intact, all neatly aligned, row upon row, of delicious fragrant flakes. Fermentation is very present to me with this tobacco. It smells like a typical grassy Virginia in the tin, but the stoving keeps the aroma subtle. This is a wonderful tobacco that is very straight forward.

Just open a tin, rub out the delicate flakes, pack your pipe, and relax. I like this stuff a lot, and I now recognize that it is a very important component of SMM, and that blends without a proper Virginia component do not appeal to me. Add Latakia for it's wonderful smokiness, & Orientals for some complexity and viola: Perfection in a tin!

Easier said than done perhaps, but we are closing in.

Rubbing out the flakes is fun and easy, but I suspect as a regular daily tobacco this process might become somewhat tedious.I would add that everyone should try FVF except that, -based on the review numbers-, everyone already has!Update: I prefer my tobacco tinned, even though it is more cost effective to purchase bulk.St James Flake is also recommended for a good change of pace.Happy smoking, and please remember to support your local tobacco shops!

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