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She says her husband - who passed away in 2003 - was of an age where he felt that a woman's place was in the home, not running around the Phoenix Park.But Ann - a mother of five children ranging in age from 46 to 54 - was determined to carve out a freedom for herself and she found this through sport.She believes now is also her time to encourage older people to put on their trainers and try the sport.It's true that we are living longer than ever before.While she says it wasn't always easy, she was determined to run.In 1983 she answered a call in the then Evening Herald newspaper looking for women to take part in a race."Changing the way we think about ageing starts with changing the way we talk about it." And as we live longer it's the quality of our lives that becomes important, not the numbers.

The Government's positive ageing strategy published in 2013 stated that planning should focus on keeping people healthy for as long as possible.

It stands to reason that if we are living longer, then we should do it well.

So how is it in an age of wellness and well-being that ageing - something we are all doing from the minute we are born - is not discussed and if it is, it's usually in terms of how to turn back the clock?

If you were born a hundred years ago, you could reasonably expect to live into your 50s.

Today, life expectancy for men is almost 79 years while it's 81 years for women.

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