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Every company can be fine when there are no problems, the true nature of the company is revealed when they have to handle a problem.

Halifax came up lacking and have left me angry and upset by this treatment. Unfortunately the terms of their overdraft for high balances have crossed the line of being fair.

They mis inputed the figures originally and tried to blame it on the customer saying the input was not by a mortgage advisor, Who knew that ! Someone has set up a Halifax account from my address and Halifax will not remove it.

I have been into their branch endless times and they tell me it’s being dealt with but nothing happens. The police are involved but Halifax is still doing nothing.

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Since then they have taken back the £177 pounds as the German Bank have said the cash machine balanced at the end of the night.

I said to them just stop taking payments out my account before my direct debit goes in, they refused to and ended up racking up nearly £500 worth of bank charges. The previous month they backdated and took £147 in one month.

They have previously somehow allowed someone open an account online in my name fraudulently and allowed that person to transfer my wages in one hit. This allowed the person to also open other account using these details, set up direct debits and rack up debt in my name via Halifax.

Really helpful when you can speak to somebody perhaps there’s only one person in a room with dozens of phones ringing...

;-)( Totally destroyed Son's mortgage application even though received approval in principle.

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