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At the end of the month State Managers forward their workbooks to you.You need to: In this case everybody would like to figure out how to do that automatically. The tool will recognize and combine sheets with the same name and put them to a new workbook.In addition to the standard feature, it lets you select many spreadsheets and automatically pick the same range for identically structured sheets Often it is necessary to combine data from several worksheets into one master table.

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You can always copy data from one worksheet to another, but if the original value were to change, that change would not be reflected in the cell range to which you copied the data.Learn to incorporate templates, implement formulas, create pivot tables, analyze data and much more. is a leading authority on spreadsheet software and creator of the award-winning Power Utility Pak.He has written more than 50 books and 300 articles and reviews for publications including PC World, Info World and Windows.If multiple worksheets hold related values, you can use links to summarize those values in a single worksheet.This chapter guides you through procedures related to using a workbook as a template for other workbooks, linking to data in other workbooks, and consolidating multiple sets of data into a single workbook.

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