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— Besides a Description of the (14) British Colonies in North America, it contains 12 fme engraved satirical plates on the mode of Head-dress of both sexes, for every month in the year, and 2 folding plates representing 12 kinds of hair-dressing of ladies.

58 Almanak (Surinaamsohe Staatkundige) voor 1796, door Cli.

82 • Same map, but „With improvements" and augmented with special plans of Halifax (No- va Scotia) with vicinity, of Quebec, and of Louis- burg and harbour.

— Very large fine map giving a variety of indicati- ons on the natives, their wars, their destruction by the French and English, etc. for trade and plantations, signed by John Fownall, Secretary.

— Highly interesting and very correct portulano, de- lineating the whole coast of N. — The names of the various places in Canada, Acadia, n Norem- bega" are given in French, those of New-Nether- land (which name however not yet occurs) in Dutch, those of Virginia in English, of Florida in Spanish.

ill America, with figures of the natives of these regions.

— Set of 4 plates by Bertrand, with address: -Pam, y^«wo K^ (about 1800).

America represented by a young girl in native dress.

et militaire des colo- nies d'Europe en Asie, en Afrique et en Am Srique.

57 Almanac Am6ricain, Asiatiqiie et Africain, ou etat physique, polit., ecc Wsiast.

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