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The information in the Discogs database can be updated at any time, by any logged in user.To update release information, go to the release page (for example, and use the Edit Release link on the top right of the page; This will take you to the history page (for example at Account batch updates cannot be undone; deleting an account batch update from the Import Manager does NOT roll back the updates made to existing Neon CRM accounts.Only certain fields are supported for update using the Import Manager.In addition to the fields below, account custom fields can be updated using the Import Manager.The name this account prefers to use: e.g., "Bill" instead of William.

This will ensure your updates are acceptable before you do them, and may help you get votes faster.

You can find the link to this page from the main release page, the Edit Release link is on the top right of the page.

On the history page, you will see an entry for every previous action (oldest at the top to newest at the bottom).

We recommend that you save this report of the accounts you're updating so that you can easily bring them up in a report later to make sure that your updates were made.

Then, export this report to a CSV file by selecting the CSV button.

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