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Indeed, marriage is not for small boys because small boys struggle to forgive, demand everything speedily, lack the patience to wait, have so many friends etc. I asked, so what is the secret of your over 47 years in marriage?

Make every effort to let that marriage work and may God help us. Beaming, she retorted; My son, the expectations you bring into marriage will either spell its doom or success.

I bath the kids, do devotions with them, prepare breakfast for my husband and boil hot water for him to bath.

I iron his clothes he would take to work, kiss him and wish him the best in his daily endeavours.

I used to interpret the saying "Marriage is not for small boys" to mean small boys in terms of age, until I visited a female mentor that has been in marriage for 47 years.

Sometimes you hear, I want to marry a mother, a business partner, God fearing person etc.

You cannot get all your expectations in one person.

Indeed, if nothing touches the palm tree, it doesn't rattle.

She continued, my son, never carry "how rich or poor your family is" into marriage.

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