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I’m going to note: I’m not an expert or sex therapist and you know that.You wrote to me as a mother, and I’m answering from a position of an LDS woman and mother who enjoys sex very much, and has a healthy sex life.I don’t know how to navigate figuring things out in my Wasatch Front culture.Today my sister said “when I was in jr high I thought sex was __ and__ and then I figured out it was so much more”.I’ve had sex thousands of times and I’m still learning stuff (there’s always some new trend or new term I’ve never heard of before).

My apologies in advance if this is too deep a dive.Unfortunately until today I thought that was the same definition of sex.Before I go on I want to add that I have a normal family and very normal parents.And the good news is, I can tell you from experience, the more parents talk about sex with their kids, the less awkward and uncomfortable it is.Sex is very normal, and not talking about it is what makes it seem weird, uncomfortable and not-normal.

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